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About Berman Capital Group

Berman Capital Group is an investment management company specializing in real assets investing. We employ multiple strategies focused on global opportunities in traditional energy, renewable energy, minerals, infrastructure and carbon credits.

We deliver unique turnkey investment solutions providing our investors with investment exposure uncorrelated to the broader market, including carbon credit offset portfolios for net zero investment solutions.

Why Commodities Matter


Commodities are the building blocks of our modern world. Nothing functions without them. All economic activity is driven by energy consumption.


Most investors are underweight exposure to real assets, this has left investors with under-diversified portfolios.

Energy Transition

The energy transition will upend the traditional portfolio. Increasing demand for commodities essential for the energy transition will lead to unprecedented investment opportunity.

Geopolitical Uncertainty

Diversification in real assets provides investors with the assurance that they are truly protected from geopolitical and economic uncertainty.
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Berman Capital Group Leadership

John Berman

Founder & Chief Investment Officer

John Berman, MMC Master Management Consultant® founded Berman Capital Group in 2023, he has a master’s degree in business management from the University of Edinburgh. He previously worked as a summer associate at Riverstone Holdings, a private equity firm specializing in energy and infrastructure.

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